Obtain qualifications through completion of education and training programmes

Currently, various tertiary and higher institutions, education and training organisations, enterprises, government departments, as well as secondary schools have offered different types of QF-recognised programmes. These programmes cover academic, vocational and professional, and continuing education sectors, allowing learners to complete relevant programmes according to their level and needs to obtain QF-recognised qualifications. All programmes have undergone quality assurance and some programmes are government funded to support the financial needs of learners.

QF-recognised programmes

  • post-secondary programmes offered tertiary and higher institutions 
  • vocational and professional education and training programmes
  • school-based programmes offered by secondary schools
  • applied learning programmes under New Academic Structure
  • in-house training programmes organised by enterprises and government departments

Accredited programmes

All of QF-recognised courses are quality assured to ensure all QF-recognised qualifications are of good quality and standard.

SCS-based / SGC-based Courses

SCS-based / SGC-based courses refer to education and training programmes that adopt the Specifications of Competency Standards (SCSs) formulated by various Industry Training Advisory Committees (ITACs or CITAC) or Specifications of Generic (Foundation) Competencies (SGCs) developed by the Education Bureau (EDB) under the Qualifications Framework (QF) as the main basis for curriculum design.  The structure and design of SCS-based/SGC-based courses are governed by the principles stipulated under the Qualifications Guidelines (QG) issued by the Education Bureau.

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VQP Courses

VQP courses refer to education and training courses designed to meet the competencies requirements of specific job roles defined by an ITAC. The corresponding ITAC specifies Units of Competency (UoCs) selected from the Specification of Competency Standards (SCSs) according to the requirements for the specific job roles for education and training providers to include in the course development. To build a strong linkage between learning and performance, the learning outcomes of VQP courses are fully-matched with the requirements of the job roles, or as specified by the ITAC. If the structure and design of a VQP course also complies with the Qualifications Guidelines (QG) issued by the Education Bureau, it can also be labelled as a SCS-based course.

CEF reimbursable courses

Institutions / Course providers who wish to include their courses under the "Reimbursable Course List" of the CEF should submit an application to the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) for registration. The HKCAAVQ, commissioned by the Labour and Welfare Bureau, is responsible for conducting assessment of CEF reimbursable courses.